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In search of reliable rug cleaning experts?

Welcome to Girt Services Ltd., where we take great pride in offering professional rug cleaning services that can rejuvenate the charm and freshness of your valuable rugs. We employ cutting-edge equipment and advanced methods to conduct deep cleaning, effectively eliminating dirt, stains, and odours, giving your rugs a new lease on life.

Highly trained and certified rug cleaning professionals

Our team of experienced technicians is extensively trained and fully qualified to handle all types of rugs, including delicate and antique pieces. Depending on your specific requirements, we provide both on-site and off-site cleaning solutions.

Our Rug Cleaning Approach

We hold eco-friendliness in the highest regard, using cleaning solutions that are safe for both your rugs and the environment. Additionally, we offer a range of supplementary services, such as stain removal, odour treatment, and rug repair.

The Advantages of Choosing Professionals for Your Rugs

At Girt Services LTD, customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective, and we guarantee a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Our exceptional rug cleaning services are designed to extend the lifespan and preserve the appearance of your cherished rugs.

Experience the power of deep steam cleaning, removing up to 99% of stains.

Select Girt Services LTD for competitive pricing, flexible appointment scheduling, and an unparalleled professional rug cleaning experience. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and witness the remarkable transformation we can bring to your rugs.


Rug Types

Wool - Cotton- Polypropylene - Microfiber & Polyester

# Services Starting Price
1 Small Rug Up to 90cm X 1.50 cm FROM £20.00
2 Medium Rug Up to 1.20cm X 1.80cm FROM £25.00
3 Large Rug Up To1.70cm X 2.40cm

If Your Rug is Different Size Just Call us to Discuss and Quote You The Right Price

FROM £35.00
* Please note: Our minimum call-out charge is £70. If you require multiple items cleaned then we can do so at a discounted price.

Delicate Rugs Types

Persian - Oriental - Silk - Viscose

# Services Starting Price
1 Small Rug up to 90cm X 1.20cm FROM £35.00
2 Medium Rug Up to 1.20cm X 1.80cm FROM £40.00
3 Large Rug Up to 1.70cm X 2.40cm FROM £55.00
* Please note that some types of Rugs need to be Dry Clean. Before We Start The Cleaning Will Do Pre-Inspection And we Will Let You Know Wich Procedure We Gonna Use.
We are not able to collect or deliver your rugs. We offer Cleaning only at your address
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